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BACnet France Association formed to complement BIG-EU

May 3, 2007


The ACR (Association for Comfort and Regulation) that changed a short time ago into “Syndicat des Automatismes du Génie Climatique et de la Régulation pour l’Efficacité Energétique du Bâtiment,” has decided, according to its president, Jean-Daniel Napar, to create BACnet France with the support of its members. BACnet France was conceived in 2006 and will go into action in spring 2007. All companies offering BACnet-based solutions as well as the members of the ACR are cordially invited to join the association. BACnet France is a non-profit making, professional association.

BACnet France will complement the BIG-EU, which actively contributes to the development of the BACnet communication standard, its international promotion and to the guarantee of its quality in terms of interoperability, certification and standardization.


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